Eternal Hope

June 6, 2011
What crosses our mind
when we make the decision?
What pushes us to the edge,
then gives us a little nudge?

After we do what's done,
can we bear the scarlet cup?
Left on our own, the pain is ours.
Only we can atone for our wrongdoings.

What keeps us together is found everywhere:
in our tears, our laughter, our sorrow, our joy.
Through the storms in life, it holds us,
it protects us and our future.

Our tears freely fall, and our memories whisper;
They call to us, asking the question we can never answer:
Why? Why? Why?
If knowing is half the battle, then the battle is lost.

This quality is found deep in the wells of our hearts.
Through it, we can survive.
Remember that the only thing standing
between the light and the dark is Hope.

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