June 4, 2011
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Lie after Lie is told
My freedom is already sold
To a World so cold
And an Evil power so old.

It creeps up on me
And won't let me be;
I can't be free
It drowns me in a sea.

A sea you should not go near,
For it will fill you with fear
Then drown you with a sneer
On it's ugly face that is your mirror.

I got a bit too close to this power
And it turned the flower,
That once lived inside of me, sour
And now the tears always shower.

They shower all over my only light,
You, who shines so bright,
That sends my heart a flight,
May I forever keep you in my sight?

I told you a lie-
I tell everyone lies about my
Self- when, without you, I would actually die,
And time would just pass you by.

So just promise me this,
As I fall into dark bliss,
A fool for the Devil's kiss,
That you will always miss.

Miss the way I was back when
My heart wasn't so paper thin,
When you were always what could have been,
And I had no other sin.

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