That Girl

May 28, 2011
By angellourellmeadows BRONZE, Wardensville, West Virginia
angellourellmeadows BRONZE, Wardensville, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Live for today, because you might be here tomorrow
-Speak your mind because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont care.
-Never let fear take you out of the game
-you live once, so make it last.

For you made me so happy.
When he did nothing but hurt me.
You proved to me, not everyone was bad.

But now I see the feelings behind your lies.
I know everything, you wished I didnt.
I was the girl you could get.

But that girl, is smarter than looks.
That girl, can see the things you didnt.
That girl, is done with you.

Your a memory she wishes, never happened.
For, you played her.
You messed with her emotions and made her cry.

Congraltions, you hurt her.
You went through so much trouble, just for that.

Well now, that girl you played.
Has a new voacbualry for you.
You've lost whatever chance you had.

And her vocabualry, isnt very nice.
But neither are you.
So it matches well.

Just remember, that girl.
For, the next time you see her, wont be very pretty.
For, that girl, has new feelings.
And most importantly, that girl...
Has a new life, you arnt included in.

So do yourself a favor, and save yourself the trouble.
The next time you hear her, dont talk.
The next time you see her, walk away.

Because, that girl, doesnt want you.
That girl, has everything she needs.
And you arn't part of that.
For, your a summer, that never happened...

The author's comments:
this was when i was kinda upset over a guy. he really hurt me, so i wrote this.

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