May 28, 2011
By Posiedensheartbreak SILVER, Denver, Colorado
Posiedensheartbreak SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Blood. Runs deeper then water. Or so they say. But blood screams inside you telling you you shouldn’t be related to someone so broken. Mutilated. But some of us have just the luck to get stuck with a sibling. Sometimes, its a good thing. Sometimes, not so much. My sister blames everyone but her self for her problems, like collapsed house after a tornadoes hits and the house blames the structure. People say every one has a poison, shes mine. Maybe if she wasn’t my sister I wouldn’t be an outsider or maybe my family wouldn’t be broken. Maybe I wouldn’t be the adult in the house. Maybe the emptiness that fills her wouldn’t seep over to me. Or maybe it would all be the same with or with out her.

Maybe if she was a star athlete or in student council or not a stonier things wouldn’t be the way they are. Maybe she was meant to be the way she is to teach me something. Maybe we all have parts of her we try to hide from.

Maybe all the pain that screams inside me to stop her from runing her life had a purpose but it hasn’t changed much. After the first try she was better for two months until she got tired of trying. Realizing it or not she brought every one down with her. And after the second time who was left to count the pills who was left to put the cracked jigsaw pieces together? Me.

Well I guess so its not fair. But is it ever? Sisters should be loving and be there for you and she is some of the time but most of the time she snaps like a dried tree branch and she goes crazy. But we just have to deal you.

But what if as much as I try to hide it or act like its not there what if we are really the same. What if I'm broken just like her or even more so? What if I'll always be like her, and the more I try to hide from it or change myself the more and more like her I become. The same reliance on looks the same follower attitude the same selfishness that I cant stand. Is that what I might turn into some day? What if I scrutinize her cause I see to much of her in me, and I cant accept it.

How is it possible to hate someone with every fiber of being but every time she cuts herself down a thousand knifes stab me in the chest. Why do I care so much when she hurts me so much.


Because were sisters.

The author's comments:
This piece inspired my because of my strained realtion ship with my sister and how i see so much of my self in her.

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