After The Rain

May 5, 2011
By literatureandkisses BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
literatureandkisses BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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This sheet of paper becomes my psychiatrist
as I let loose the wild beast that is my mind
named Venus.
On a profound search for a word that packs a deeper meaning than LOVE,
to explain how you've taken a front row seat on the plane to my heart,
first class of course.
& when I do find the word, I won't spew it out, like a baseball pitching machine.
I'll say it s l o w l y,
in soft whispers,
at night,
when the breeze is just right.
Two pieces of a puzzle, we are simply two pieces that do not match.
However, opposites attract, and that's why this plane has no connecting flights.
& you are not perfect, we all have our rainy days, but you fit perfectly into my description of perfection.
If kisses were minutes, I'd spend all my time on you...
I'm falling in love with you, is it possible for an intangible essence with commitment issues to catch me?
In a literal sense, you come right after the rain,
bearing a gift of sunshine, intense temperatures and ice cream cones.
My love, stay for longer than three months,
the happiness you deliver cannot be replaced by the other three who try to take your spot.

Your return is highly anticipated,
Love Always

The author's comments:
This poem took a while for me to write, mainly because free verse is about natural speech pattern, but the speech I use and the speech in my head are two different kinds.. so this poem is a amalgamation of my natural speech pattern & how my brain would interpret "love" for someone/something.

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