May 5, 2011
By POETS BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
POETS BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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class is in session
my name is called for attendance
all of a sudden i start to slightly cry
i realize every one's watching me
die inside
talking aloud my dearest friend says
why what is the matter?
i say my mom is no longer here
i need to be gone
can't finish my life without parents by my side
what should i do?
end it with a knife?
start over and tell a lie?
i blame myself everyday
fifteen years of struggle
now as a sixteen year old
past-life is a monster i hide
i leave it behind as i write
i can't let it push me by
if i let it push me along
my life wouldn't last too long
maybe just maybe
i can travel back in time
change all mistakes
in a flash
return to a life i wish i had
without parents is depressing
knowing I'm loved in some sort of way
takes my life away
if only i can travel back in time
all i ask is one chance
to make it all right
just to want that happy life
if only

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