Spring Day

May 5, 2011
By williamwilliam BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
williamwilliam BRONZE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Resting in my bed, I stay in my room long after I’ve awakened

Slowly making my way down the stairway, walking with lazy, half-awake steps

Lounging on the coach with my feet perched up, I watch TV and holler “MOM! Breakfast, please!”

Smelling the bacon, I rush into the kitchen

To the sizzling, popping sound of the bacon, I enter the kitchen

My mom slides the plate of bacon, eggs, and sausage steaming and sizzling towards me

Blowing on the sausage, I take a bite and yell “Ouch! I burnt my tongue!”

Fresh air on a spring morning is always great, and that’s what I felt. Fresh, not too hot, not too cold air with a cool breeze as I walked outside the back door

Lowering my foot into our pool, I feel the chilly water as it wakes me up upon impact

I later exit the backyard, and take a short walk along the boardwalk and enter the slushy, warm sand of the beach

Walking into the ocean, the water slowly rises as I walk further and further down

Suddenly out of nowhere, a wave arises and splashes me under the chilly water, so I make my way back onto land

Once I'm out of the water, I begin to dig a hole. As the hole becomes deeper and deeper, a dying wave rushes towards me and fills the hole and sand begins to seep into the hole

Since my hole was destroyed, I made my way back to the house to see what was in store for the day

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