The Reoccuring Tease

May 5, 2011
You're such a jerk,
You just bring tears,
You bring about,
My greatest fears,
You act like,
We're more than just friends,
But the moment we get closer,
You pull back again,
And I wish I could just leave,
Be with someone else,
But then you're so sweet,
And I start to lose myself,
I wish you weren't such a jerk,
But I no you'll never change,
It seems every time you break my heart,
It feels like a firing range,
Just put a million holes,
Into this heart of mine,
But one sideways hug from you,
And suddenly I'm just fine,
We should stop playing this game,
And I know I should move on,
But that is my greatest fear,
Who'll love me when you're gone.

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