blame yourself

May 5, 2011
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You say it’s my fault
But only you could do it,
I didn’t send you back there,
You’re the one who couldn’t take life.
I’m still here, but I can’t believe you!
I was there to talk you down
When no one else was
Last week I was there to listen
Now you’re screaming for attention,
The attention I don’t have time to give you.
You’re begging for love,
Love I do not have for you,
But for you I have,
Hate, anger, pity
I hate you
Hate the way you blame me
Hate the way you see me,
I’m not the bad guy here, you are
Trying to take me down with you
I’m angry
People say things to me for what ever you have said
What you made them believe
Call off your demons, I’m sick of the
If you aren’t happy, you make everyone’s life hell,
Is that it?
I feel sorry for you
Can’t you see no one hears you?
No one hears you beg and scream,
Can’t you see this is the last straw?
You’re back and I’m out
I won’t go back, ever again
That’s where I met you
And that’s where it ends
Everyday now, you sit in your room
Tortured by memories
Tortured by the scars, you’ve made
You say they are because of me,
But I didn’t take the blade to your wrist
Tortured by yourself
You can’t stand it now
You only blame me because you know it’s your fault
You only blame me because you have nothing,
Now nothing stands between you and yourself
So tear open the scars
Let them bleed,
Blame yourself
I know it’s not my fault
It never was,
My only fault, was believing I could trust you.

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