all i need is you

May 5, 2011
By Kori Zwald PLATINUM, Boody, Illinois
Kori Zwald PLATINUM, Boody, Illinois
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You know what I want
I told you once before
Now all you have to do
Is look beyond the past?
Go deep in your heart
And believe
Before I go on some more.

You know the truth
I never lied to you
I‘ve always loved you.

No one can measure up,
To what you and I both know
It may not always show
But it was always there.
I’m sorry for the way I acted
And the words I shouldn't have said
I didn’t mean to have over reacted
I was scared.
So instead.

I just let you down.
And Let us drown.

I Thought I would be better without you around.
But I was wrong
You where right
I can’t let you go
Even though
I tried.
I miss-succeeded
No matter how hard I wanted it
I couldn’t leave it.

So take my hand
Look in my eyes
And take me in your arms tonight.
If I have to live my life
To keep pretending
I can live without you
That I don’t miss you,
I might just go insane.

I wasn’t intending
I was better without you
It just hurts to know
How much I really need you.

I can no longer refrain
I have no more strength
My sunny ski
Is now rain
My eyes can no longer
Keep out all the pain
Since I let you walk away
From everything we have ever known.

One day I feel something
The next day it’s something else.
But I can no longer
Do this on my own
Because when it all boils down to it
It ends right back to your door step
I have to admit
I love you.

I thought if I let you go
I would lose everything we once had,
Everything would get better
But it turns out as the days passed
Everything just got worse.
I never felt this way
I couldn’t walk away
I tried
And I failed.
So I know what that means
I must stay
I can’t keep trying to throw our love away.

It can’t be pushed to the side
I can’t keep trying to hide
From the truth
That all I need is you.

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