lifes little reasons

May 5, 2011
By manofthelord BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
manofthelord BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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so far has he removed our transgressions from us: paslm 103/12

Lifes little reason
Find life to hard,
That girl/boy from down the
Street has no interest in you
Your job sucks

You’ve got no friends
And you’ve got no use

Stop take a breathe and
Suck it up

Some day when you are on your way to turning grey
You will take a look back
And feel foolish for this reasons

Life don’t revolve around you
You didn’t think things through
Your only getting older
Lifes short but long enough to wait
Don’t try to preserve anything
Don’t think don’t want
Greed will consume you

Don’t assume
Don’t think you know
Don’t except
Or you will regret

There is no crime in passion
But there is shame in lust

Don’t wait around for something
That is useless

Think twice
Not once
Stand on what is right
Trust and go with what
Is correct

Take time to thank
When you rather

Forgive those
Who do you wrong

They aren’t perfect

And neither are you

Stop to smell the roses
There only there for a season like lifes little reasons

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