my pledge

May 5, 2011
By Anonymous

My pledge

never mind the fact
im cold and helpless
and without a chance
hungry and lonely

without a chance

Ive made my choice
ive gone this far
ive come this far

give me the chance
in your feeble little mind

watch me strive
without a helping hand

watch me succeed where you left off
watch me go where I boldly want to go

I shall survive
I shall walk on my two feet
and everyone shall bear
on this god given planet

that I can make in own my own
I will make it on my own

never again
will I receive another hand

Ill smack it away
and stand on my feet
and try it again

stubborn I shall be
will I confess
how weak.
will pass
will pass
and still
I will strive
and I shall make it in life

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