May 5, 2011
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This headache
will not leave me

and for what reason
today must I be plagued

this pain has got a grudge
against me
its out to kill me

back by the demands of life
was the pot this boiled in

no longer happy with who
I am
to many decisions not enough time

but still no reason for feeling

I'm out to do justice for myself
but still taken aback
I feel like a fake
no longer
talking to you
but I still wait

no time to turn back it will have to wait
but this thought will not leave me

life's just around the corner
but I no longer care

I'm to tired
I've worked to hard
and the pain wont stop when
I get there
to much hustle and bustle
and no time to think

I do not wish to continue this rat race
maybe next year
but should I wait
what is the real reason
but I must wait

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