May 5, 2011
You’re alluring me towards
The crimson glow of your eyes.
Seems like you’re the only one emitting
In this dim lit room.
I might just come so close to you
That you might feel shy.
But you still don’t know that
I might take you to your doom.

Oh, you’ve been my victim from
The first light that I saw you.
Your aroma, so luscious that
My head feels light.
Everything’s going the way I want
It to go like, you’re trapped.
You’re still smiling, I might
As well tell you, next moment’s not bright.

You’re walking slowly with
That swift swing of yours.
Cutting the swarm so graciously,
Looking straight into my eyes.
You move right into the tavern for
Some more red wine to pour.
You might think that I might
Take you to heaven, dear, I lied.

You seem not to have taken your
Eyes off me; neither have I.
The closer you get, clearer
Becomes the lust in your eyes.
Oh, I can see your cheeks turn red,
As you stand right in front of me.
Lust has overtaken me too,
But for your blood not body, I wouldn’t lie.

If only I was human, I would
Surely fall for you dear.
But right now I don’t have
That desire nor that feeling.
If only you could open your eyes
And see the real me, things would be clear.
It’s funny how I don’t want
To see you naked, but bleeding.

By the end of this night
You will be mine.
Lust is in the air, only it’s
A bit complex for me.
You can still save yourself if you want to,
But your eyes are still closed.
I’m craving for your blood not
Body, it’s blood lust you see…

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