To think you know your destiny. To think you see the road you’ll go forever, and where you’re meant to be. You can think that all you please, but destiny isn’t a straight road it has tricks up its sleeves. Like a game of shoots & ladders you go up and then you go down. You go left then you go right, and then you go back around. Sharp turns here, and there; bumps and steep hills just about everywhere. A few red lights, and some yellow, and then there are green. A life of tremendous commotion, and hustle unlike any other you’ve seen. Several crashes, some bad luck. But that is why they have tow trucks. A road of curved paths, and uncertainty. But, that road is what I must take to be me.

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Little-Irish-Girl said...
Jun. 28, 2011 at 2:21 pm
I agree with you. Life is just like that. I love your analogies. They are very unique. Good Job.
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