May 4, 2011
One day we’ll all see that our life is just what we make it to be. The things we do, make a circle and follow through. The choices we make, the things we give out and then things we take. We are strong minded, yet easily blinded. Were strong at heart, yet we easily fall apart. We build our selves up then something or someone knocks us down. One moment we feel like we’re in heaven and next we return back to Earth’s ground. Things seem to go completely to plan. Then things take sharp turns and end up in ways you just don’t understand. There will always be that perfect day amongst that awful week. There will always be a little right, and a little wrong in everything we speak. That with one positive there’s always a following negative. With one energy booster, there is that following sedative. One day we’ll all see that our life just turns out to be complete irony.

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Little-Irish-Girl said...
Jun. 28, 2011 at 2:19 pm
I like it because it's different and I guess-Ironic-but it's very true. your writing kept me intrigued. Neato. Good Job. :)
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