Love Me If You Will

May 4, 2011
By DestinyAmos BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
DestinyAmos BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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In a hospital a newborn cries,
His first breathe is silent,
The new mother looks into his eyes,
“Baby, love me if you will.”

A drunken father comes home real late,
His daughter standing there in debate,
Before he can hit her down,
“Daddy, love me if you will.”

The couple stands together at the altar,
Time to recite sworn vows,
It’s not fight of whose sounds smarter,
“Partner, love me if you will.”

“Hello, nice to meet you” the orphan greets,
This is his golden opportunity,
Hopefully the last family he’ll have to meet,
“Strangers, love me if you will.”

The homeless man he begs and begs,
Broken and beaten his stomach growls,
He looks down at his absent legs,
“World, love me if you will.”

You look down at your new life,
And sometimes miss the old,
And don’t you ever lie to say,
You feel completely loved; secrets will unfold.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece thinking about all the different types of love in this world, and how we desperately want to experience love.

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