Missing Daddy

May 6, 2011
From the time I was little,
To the time you last saw me,
You were my dad.
You were my protector,
My caregiver.
Even when you embarrassed me,
(Which you did often)
Even when I gave up on your daft little schemes,
Even when we fought,
You were my dad.
I knew you would teach me things no one else could.
I was right.
The ways you taught me certain things that everyone said were weird,
They were.
They weren't ordaine, ordinary, but that's what made them special.
They were Greg ways.
Things you did that everyone thought were weird,
They were.
I always thuoght you'd lead me up the isle at my wedding,
See me graduate,
Beat up my first boyfriend,
See my name on the face of a bestseller...
I was wrong.
I dreamt you could proudly say I was your daughter.
Whether you did or not, I'll never know.
You taught me so much,
And I taught you just the same.
I never thought I loved you.
I was wrong.
I keep expecting you to walk through the door and say something stupid like "Howdy" even though that term has long since been dead.
But you never will...
I love you, Daddy.
I'm glad i got to spend your last few hours with you...
I promise to do you proud...

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