Death Of An Unwilling Soldier

May 4, 2011
By DirtyDiggins BRONZE, Leesburg, Florida
DirtyDiggins BRONZE, Leesburg, Florida
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Out on the battlefield I feel the blows
My feet are bloody and my toes are froze
I've got gunshot wounds but I keep on goin'
I've got grenades that I'll keep on throwin'
I fight for a cause that was never mine
But it's too late now was I stand in the front line

I have no qualms with the man I attack
Except that his country broke her pact
I swallow hard to fight back fear
I know that my death is very near
I feel dizzy and my stomach gives a lurch
As I deny what they taught me in church

I lift my gun
I aim at his head
The deed is done
He slumps down dead

I hear a roaring sound
My blood flows all around
I'm lying on the ground
My heart slackens its pound

Now as I discover what the afterlife will be,
I laugh to myself- the answer is so easy
I say with my last rattling breath:
"As it was before my birth, it is after my death"

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