Your unsucessful game

May 4, 2011
Here you are on your court, now where are the fans. All I see are empty stands. You play your game indeed. You hit a few bumps but, continue with speed. At first you had a whole crowd. Now as you progress your cheerleaders have died down. Your game is something that isn’t loved. No one is here for you when push comes to shove because when the push came you shoved them away. Now you’re left alone on this very day. You broken hearts and dribbled right on through. Now you’re the one on your own which to you is something new. You had all these girls, and you hurt them now here comes reality to unfurl. Then you get to see don’t hurt the ones you care for; don’t overuse what she gives you and don’t expect more. Keep the one who’s the best and don’t mess with the rest. Or you’ll end up shooting the ball all by yourself. If you miss a basket or even trip no one will be around to help.

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