Fly Above

May 11, 2011
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Walking on a tightrope
Above the sky,
in the clouds
The monster of despair thundering below
We walk balanced and calm
a foot in front of the other
smiles filling the air

A lion roars suddenly
from the din below
screams piercing the fragile air
Balance lost
dizzily swaying above the plummet
as the wind blows
threatening to cause a fall
a fire lights
as it greedily consumes the fibers
the crackles whispering "fall... fall"

Nothing to do but run ahead
as the fire creeps closer and closer
the rope snaps
and holding on is the last chance
climbing to joy is too much effort
but ashes is not a choice
no succumbing to the sorrow and regret

So spread your wings and fly
Fly above the despair
above the people staring in awe
above the flames that have consumed this.
Circus of life.
Fly, fly
with the sun on your face
leave everything behind
the smoking ashes of what would be you

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