Broken Love

April 14, 2011
Not going back…not turning around
Gonna keep running until I find the place where I belong.
Never going back, never returning,
Forever the ghost of this broken world.

Lost, and forever forgotten from the world
Trapped within one area, never leaving, not able to be solid again
Not alive, yet not dead, a ghost, a spirit, of the broken hearts.

My heart was broken, and I had been abused, left to die,
now I seek revenge, yet cannot leave the place of my death
And now, my love, is gone, is a broken love that cannot be saved anymore.

Never able to be loved again, dying inside, anger on the out,
I am a spirit of the broken love, the broken hearts.

Seeing my body, lying in a pool of blood, all my own,
I must seek my killer, and haunt his life.
Am I am broken spirit, a broken ghost, whose love is broken,
Along with my broken heart.

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