April 14, 2011
I am free
I am a free African American woman
But I am not free
Bound I am and bound forever
I shall be
Bound by this thing you call A "ring"
I feel in it the flesh of the women
Before me
Pushed to the edge of their sanity
At the sudden news of me
Bound by the pressure you lay on
Me every night that I desire no
Because in your eyes I see the Women that came before
And yet you love me
You love me with a closed fist or An open palm
Whenever I say you smell of her
Or take notice to the unmistakable Pink stain or your New white shirt That I bought you When you said You got the job and You said that our lives would Change
But I am not "our" I am "me" And "she" is not "her" you both Are "we" but I'll be d****d if I'm Not free or let you push me to The Edge of my sanity So watch me Leave as I sing with jubilee
I am free
I am an African American woman And I am finally free
So take back your "ring"
Bound nevermore shall I be!

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