April 14, 2011
I'm different, I know it.
The thing is, you don't.

I'd tell you, wish you'd accept it,
But I know you won't.

I'm scared of who I am.
Can't control what I feel.

Don't wanna hide anymore,
I know this is for real.

I'm not ready to face it,
The names and judgement.

I'm no different from you,
Please don't show your resent.

I swear I haven't changed.
I still love the same way.

One gender, two hearts...
"That's not love.", you say.

My heart beats for her,
Like yours beats for him.

Saying that's wrong,
Makes "love" really dim.

We love differently,
But really love the same.

We both get broken hearts,
And play the same game.

I'm different. I know it.
And you can't stop me...

From being proud of who I am,
And being all that I can be.

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