I Want To

April 14, 2011
I want to be different,
to leave an everlasting imprint.
I don't want to fight the power -
I want to destroy it.
I want to toss my identity
like a cigarette out a car window.
To become no one at all
or everyone at once.

I want to take a hammer to all of the expectations
and a sword to the norm;
shatter them both into a billion pieces,
then take those pieces
and paint them bright colors and toss them to the waves.
I want to grow older and have others
point and whisper in hushed voices
behind the back of their hands.

I want to be simple and intricate, selfish and generous,
creative and derivative, affluent and destitute, one of a kind and mass produced.
I want to swim with Poseidon and to fly with Hermes, to arm wrestle Hercules.
I want to prove EVERYONE wrong; to live like Fitzgerald, to write like Poe and to become immortal like Shakespeare.

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