You're Wrong

April 14, 2011
By Rawrz55 SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Rawrz55 SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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Fleeting as quickly as the snow melts
Puzzlement taking over the mind
The futility of love emanating from unusual hosts,
Life unraveling itself the most.
Maturity manifesting like odor.
The sour stench of new age,
The great change is occurring

The maniacal smile creeps up.
Blood shot eyes replace the blue pools of serenity.
You watch their faces, beaming at you, for ignorance is still kind to them—
Until You strike.
Your prey trembles, scratches,
Like the forgotten thing it really is.
It pleads, in muffled growls,
But your head is full of wild dreams,
Not listening to such savagery.

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