You and Me

May 28, 2011
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You'd think this would be the time for inspiration
to flow through my veins into a new creation
but the only thing I see in your eyes
is the collection of what used to be the lies
you told me to keep me in the dark
to remove all that was left of the spark
you had with her back then
but then again
as I sit here and I write
as if there will be no end to this night
no end to the darkness
created by the sadness
of being left all alone
of being left over the phone
though I know you did what was best
that fact can't stop this tear fest
that I'm having after hearing you say that line
that line that's said and heard all the time
to someone you don't necessarily love
though you referred to me as your dove
but I believed you and I still do
because I know that I'm still in love with you
and I'm never gonna stop
and we never could stop
that certain chemistry between us
or how we first felt it on that choir bus
because you and I are meant to be
and I pray someday we'll go back to you and me

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