The She

May 28, 2011
My friend is not just a “she”.
My friend is She.
With a capital S.
Because She is amazing.
She’s funny,
She’s sweet.
She’s random.
She’s nerdy.
She’s one of my best friends.
I laugh with Her.
I dry Her tears.
I sing (loudly and badly) Her.
And I think I might love Her.
What’s not to love?
She’s beautiful.
She’s charming.
And She’s perfect for me.
I wish I could tell Her how I feel.
But I can’t.
I’m not even sure if She knows I’m bi.
So I have to settle for writing down my feelings in a crappy Hello Kitty notebook.
(Seriously, the thing cost two bucks.)
Maybe someday I’ll show this poem to Her.
Maybe someday I’ll tell Her how I feel.
But for now,
this will have to do.

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bugnikki said...
Sept. 27, 2013 at 8:20 am
I had this samething happen to me but she was bi too and she told me she liked me... So i spent the night at her house it was great until a week later school started.. She said she couldnt be with me cuz of some ppl and said srry but we r best friends still but i still love her as more. She is everything to me... Good job!
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