A Man That Was Once Called Dad

May 28, 2011
I know a man
A man I once called Dad
I had an image of this man in my mind
An image I had to leave behind
He was never there
There was no attempt to care
He would drink then come home
He’d beat up my mom then come into my room
Things were so bad I asked why God put us in this doom
He tried to tell me mom bit off his finger
These images in my head still lively linger
He never understood the pain he put me through
He says he doesn’t remember but I tell you it’s true
He doesn’t know how are relationship is strained
I say because of the strength I have gained
As hurt as I was I stuck by his side
After all the tears I cried
I felt dead inside
When I was around 11 he went to prison
I visited him every weekend
Now he’s living in a different country
He’s gone
He wants a poem about him
Here is my life with my father
I just need to let him know he is forgiven

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