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May 28, 2011
Who needs drugs when you can have love?
Adrenaline rush makes us rise above
Above all the mess
Oh, yes!
And let me just guess –
You know for a fact
That one’s heart never does remain intact
But let me just tell you
That all the clichéd sayings are true
So don’t be blue
A lover is always greater than a hater
It’s better to realize this now than later
I must confess
That I will never love you less
Than I do now; but I digress
You’re the best
I want you to realize that life doesn’t necessarily have to be a test
Enjoy it while you can
Lengthen your wingspan
For we are all in control of our own plan
Don’t fret, my dear
The end is nowhere near
This is the beginning of our lives
Please, open your eyes
Don’t waste a second more of it when you know damn well that time flies.

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