Notice Me!

May 28, 2011
The little girl with glasses, who hides behind a book
The boy who slurs his “S”s and gets funny looks
The skinny kid in gym class, who can never catch the ball

The nerdy one with all the answers
The jocks and all the pretty dancers
The populars with perfect hair
The boy who shows his underwear

The ethnic groups and their divisions
The boy who has zero vision

The kid who eats two lunches
The girl whose 4 feet tall
The Diet Coke drinkers, who all shop at the mall,

The Goth kid in the corner, the one dressed in all black
The slacker in math class who munches on a snack

The kid with the backpack
The one with ugly shoes
The kid whose parents can’t afford, to buy him clothes for school

The kid with same sex parents
The boys whose 6 feet tall
The little kid who skipped a grade and thinks he has it all
The boy who got held back a year and feels stupid when in class
And the kid who’s in the office, for cutting P.E class

But behind these personas
The masks that we all wear,
Behind the girl in glasses and the boy in underwear
Inside we’re all children,
With a single common goal
To live life to it’s fullest
And strive to win the gold

To achieve all the great things
And never fail a quest
To perform all our goals in life,
Before we reach eternal rest

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