Agent of Chaos

May 27, 2011
By Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
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To glimpse that insatiable insanity
is always a renewable pleasure.
Evil was not supposed to be this entertaining
but the show has never been better.
Deep beneath that horrible maze,
that ever-twisting path you so want to chase,
lies a most riveting foundation;
an eerily logical base:
These morals and rules, by which we abide everyday,
what is their point if they just fade away
the moment their creators and upholders see fit?
Hypocrisy took over when righteousness quit.
He’s not a monster, just ahead of the curve.
Perhaps a bit too ahead, but at least he has nerve
to show us the fatal error of our ways;
to any extent, no matter what it takes.
Reducing those planners and schemers to rubble
and everything they’ve built, destroying their bubble.
All their illusions, pathetic attempts to control life,
meeting their end at the tip of his knife.
Chaos is natural, it should not be ruled out.
Entropy is the way of the world, no doubt.
In the end, that’s all he was anyway;
an agent of chaos bringing light to your day.

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