What Do You Want to Say?

May 27, 2011
By Anonymous

What do you want to say?
About us killing Bin Laden and Hussein,
Do you want to say you’re afraid?
That’s what I want to say.

I’m afraid for my nation and country,
Afraid that there is going to be a replay of that horrible September day,
A day our nation tries so hard to forget, but wants to remember,
A day that our enemy brought us to our knees.

And even though we are in 2011, 10 years later a day just like 9/11 or worse may happen to us again?

And now we know that they are capable of such horrible things,
That’s why we should be afraid.
If they did it before they can try it again.

How do you feel?
Do you feel as worried for your friends and family, neighbors and strangers, as you did during the silent hours after 9/11?
Do you wish that the possibility of devastation could go away?
The same wish our country had during those silent hours?

Are you worried about your president, do you feel that he should be protected like Bush was on the day we as a country were worried about if there was more to come?
I wonder what Obama is thinking,
Is he worried about the possible devastating days to come?
Is he afraid, as am I?
That today may be his last day as the president of these wonderful 50 states,
For all we know this could be our last day living in a country of freedom and protection.

Look around at the people who are saying that their happy,
Then look at their faces, do they look happy?
Or do they look like they’re worried about what might happen in the next two months?

Ask the people, who are celebrating Bin Laden’s death,
Are they looking towards our future while remembering our past?
A past that may haunt us and revisit us in our future,
That’s why I’m worried because our Nations leaders our not focusing on the future of this country,
They don’t realize the bad thing they did underneath the good thing they did.

Our Nation’s leaders just gave the Taliban and Al-Qaeda a reason to harm our Nation,
Our country’s biggest enemy!
Do you as a civilian of this country realize that?
On 9/11 the Al-Qaeda acted out on thoughts of violence fueled by a reason they created.
We simply gave them more fuel for those violent thoughts and actions.
That’s what makes me afraid.

I’m afraid that this nation may have a case of Déjà Vu of that horrible September day; I remember that day, that day that we as a Nation came together for a horrible reason. A day that I saw strangers and old friends hug and thank god that they were still here with one another living and breathing the smoke and death filled air.
Everyone that day was truly scared, and now I’m scared, I’m afraid.
Are you afraid?

Imagine if the Taliban killed Obama, imagine what we would do?
Now think of the Taliban, a group of people who do acts of violence just because they want to.
If you want to speak up about if you’re afraid or frightened, go ahead speak up WE can’t hurt you.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they want revenge. If they are planning to hurt our Nation right now, just as you’re reading these words. Perhaps gathering volunteers to do act’s of violence just like those 19 other terrorist on 9/11.

Do you remember that beautiful September day?
I do, I was in school just like every other kid in America, the adults were off towards work, or already there, starting their everyday routine.
Just as everyone did today, that could change though, just as it did that September day.
The U.S had no warning or thought of such events happening that day.
Just like today, we’ll have no warning of when they’ll do something.
Because all we know, this day could like that September day.

Now ask yourself, are you afraid about what might happen in our future days?
Because Obama just painted a target on his own head, and his Nation.
The one he took an oath to protect. He just put that Nation, our Nation in the crosshairs of our enemy’s weapons.

I’m afraid. Dear Lord, I’m afraid and not afraid to admit it either,
Do you realize how desperate extremist can be to revenge?
Now are you afraid?
If so speak up, for you may not be able to say that you are afraid by the end of this beautiful day.

The author's comments:
When i was watching the news one evening, a day after we had killed him, everyone they showed was celebrating his death. It didn't look like anyone realized what the consequences may be.

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Tylergc said...
on Sep. 12 2011 at 2:34 pm
Tylergc, Oak Grove, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
To have courage means to have devotion to anything that you do, and to have devotion means to have the courage to do anything that you want to do.

I like one of your last lines about not being afraid. Great Job, Tyler.


Ms. L.


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