U.S. Troops

May 27, 2011
By Garcia_R. BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
Garcia_R. BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
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Fighting for our country is what they do for a living.
They fight for us, and to protect America.
Putting their life’s on the line, risking it for us.
And some of us don’t realize that.
Some of us don’t even care.
Their fighting for us,
Were just standing here in our world, not caring
We have to change that.
Let’s make our entire lives equal.
Stop racism, gangs, and killing.
American troops are fighting for us,
And all we do are bad stuff that we shouldn’t do.
Its time to stop that and thank the American Troops,
They’re the ones who are protecting our country.
We have to stand up and thank them.

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