May 27, 2011
By , Portageville, MO
I'm sitting here
I can't feel anything
All the pain
And everything aren't there anymore
It's a damp cold night
And I'm just trying to figure out this life
Just thinking about this life hurts
Thinking of a way to make this pain go away
I'm lost in confusion
Questions arise in my mind
Which I can't solve
Why is everything so confusing?
Why does everything wrong happen to the ones who do right?
Why does life seem to be so unfair?
Why does it take away the things we love?
Why does something bad happen when you just seem to be happy for once?
Why does all your happiness just seem to fade away?
And all the memories remain
Why do your mistakes make you even more weak, when they are supposed to make you strong?
Why do we hurt the ones we care for?
Why do we hurt ourselves to make the pain go away?
Why does even the thought of happiness make you sad?
Why is everything so confusing?
With these questions unanswered
I cry myself to sleep every night
With no hope of light
Just me and my thoughts
And these memories.

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