Pain Without Relief

May 27, 2011
How can I stand this pain.
I go through it every single day.
With no relief from it whats so ever.
A big gash in my heart.
That of which cannot be mended.
Its piercing darkness.
That forever binds me to its roots.
That keeps me from experiencing.
My true feelings deep within my soul.
This pain prevents me from life itself.
This pain thats like a thousand gashes.
Like a thousand needles in my body and spine.
Like razor blades that pierce my veins.
There is no relief to this pain.
That I suffer to this day.
No relief to end this insanity.
To that of which I once knew.
Now I cannot achieve through this suffering.
This pain keeps me from moving foward.
Full of an eternity filled with grieve.
With no escape out of this everlasting nightmare.

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