May 27, 2011
By Cashay Golden BRONZE, Galloway, Ohio
Cashay Golden BRONZE, Galloway, Ohio
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It’s almost bottomless.
Like falling from the rooftop
Of a skyscraper,
To the roughly paved street.
All of the nothingness in between.
It’s numb.
It has no effect at all.
Except the feeling of gravity,
Pulling more and more.
Refusing to let go of its tight grip.
Nothing to counter-act its forces.
Just falling.
An eternity of descending,
From what once
Was such a prominent height.
So much effort and bravery
To rise to that paradise.
At the point where
Everything and everyone
Was below.
The point where nothing was higher.
Now everything is towering over.
Mocking the downward gesture
That denies the elevation
Back to euphoria.
It’s like a massive cinder block,
Practically impossible to pick up,
But a cinch to let it drop.
Collapsing into an unbearable pit
Of pain and grief.

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