Dogs of War

May 27, 2011
By Welter BRONZE, Texarkana, Arkansas
Welter BRONZE, Texarkana, Arkansas
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It is time for humanity to wake up inside.
For years we have all been half asleep.
We misconstrue our purpose here because of pride.
Our leaders’ credulity is tested week by week.
Have humanitys’ leaders truly learned from their mistakes?
We make battleplans and strategize to justify what we fight for.
Do we truly know what we have at stake?
At the first scent of trouble, we prodigiously let slip the dogs of war.
Can we change for the greater good of humankind?
We should be done fighting; we should be weak, even weary.
It seems that we will forever hear the gears of war grind,
While humanity is subject to some form of chaos theory.

The author's comments:
Our soldiers fighting for American freedom everyday inspired this piece.

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