Fairy Garden

May 27, 2011
By Anonymous

She floats from tulip to tulip.
Her translucent wings fluttering.
She alights on a pink tulip and breathes in the scent.
I stare transfixed at the small winged fairy.
Her giggle, like tinkling bells floats up from the flower.
Her flower petal dress blends in with the bright plants.
A warm breeze blows through the garden, rustling the trees.
She sings a light tune as she takes flight.
She is like a small butterfly flirting from flower to flower.
The garden is filled with sunlight and it highlights her wings.
A small plump bumblebee buzzes past her and she lets out another tinkle of bells.
A smile plays across my lips as a hear her sing.
She is like a ray of sunshine, floating through the garden.
She alights on my shoulder barely a weight on my shoulder.
Her wings fan out slowly behind her, brushing my cheek.
I don’t breathe.
Afraid that I will scare her.
Unable to believe.
She pushes off my shoulder and dives through the flowers with one last tinkling of bells.
Every time I walk through the garden I think of that little fairy, and her delight in the sunlight.

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