Your Love

May 27, 2011
By paxtonmichele BRONZE, Brockwell, Arkansas
paxtonmichele BRONZE, Brockwell, Arkansas
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Sometimes the sun don’t wanna shine
And the rain don’t wanna stop
I once looked into your eyes
Thinking love would be all I got
Never knew you to be cruel
Really thought you had a heart
But now I’m sitting here alone
And we’re growing far apart
Watch me as I dry my tears
I’m crying just for you
You broke my heart in half my dear
Just wish your love was real
Feel like I’ve been living a lie
Finding out the truth
You were my whole world, you know
Thought I was yours too
You really had me fooled
With all of your words and charm
But now I see the man down deep
Who really loves to harm
You laugh as the tear rolls down my face
Horrible things you say
Guess our love was overrated
Because it didn’t mean much to you anyway
Why drag me through all this pain
When you knew how it would end?
They always said it was dream
I just didn’t want to believe them

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