Question poem

May 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Why are your pants so low?

Because I try really hard to piss you off
Because I just want to fit in with everyone
Because I also try really hard to look like a "thug"
Because I willingly want people to look at my butt everytime they see me
Because I feel as if people wont mess with me
Because I want to match my messy style

"hey, could you pull your pants up?"
Yes. I could pull my pants up, but clearly I do not want to.
Clearly Im well aware of where my pants are sitting
Clearly I want to piss you off, fit in, look like a "thug," for you to look at my butt, people to not mess with me, and match my messy style.
So you ask, why are my pants so low?
Because I enjoy it.
Because I find it more comfortable.
And because I have all the freedom in the world to wear my pants low.

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