Break Free

May 27, 2011
By Anti-Human GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
Anti-Human GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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"Don't keep it a secret, it gives it power over you." - Josh Ramsay
"The angels told me, youth and whiskey!" - Andy 6

I can’t wait to leave this place
I hate the world, why even try?
I wish this world would end
Sometime I would end…
What do you do when the World you hate
Is the one that surrounds you
Consumes you
Eats you alive
Hates you
Controls you
Why does the world have so much hate?
Why is the world I once knew vanishing?
Falling apart in front of me
I can’t stop this
Do I really want to
I hope you remember me as the “The Girl you killed”
I won’t miss you World
I don’t care
Wait I don’t have to care I am NUMBED
By this World of hate
I may be insane but I would rather be crazy
Then live through this again
I am not dead
On the outside
My Heart, Soul, Being, Joy, Happiness, Hope, Love
Is dead
And what died this night of nights can never be brought back to life
I Am Not Dead
I will live on a empty, hollowed peace of nothing that use to be
A Girl
Why don’t I want to love you World
Should I even try to love you?
Do you want me to love you?
I wonder sometimes if you ever had a plan for me
The light is going out, dimming, flashing on and off
Saying good-bye is not what I’m doing I’m saying
I’m not who I use to be so forget the old me
You've changed me forever
I'll never be innocent agian
I can't be but...
I Am
Friend, Sibling, Soul mate, Girl, Role model, Nothing, Everything,
Alive, Dead, Sad, Alone, Human, Person, Thinker, Annie
I Am Breaking Free!
But… I hide beneath the Mask you made for me.

The author's comments:
I had had an awful fight with my mom right before I wrote this.

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