May 26, 2011
it's amazing... what words can do.

slipping of the tongue so dangerous, so passionate.

words can blind the ignorant; shielding them from what truly lies within.

words can fool the innocent, making them believe anything from a true liar.

words can seperate friends, families, lovers.

driving a daggar into the hearts of those in peril.

words can purify and mend.



gripping and releasing.

words have the power to staple hearts back together;

painfully but surely.

they can seal fates of those so desperate for closure.

words speak limits; so i've been told.

old adages like screams in my bleeding ear.

words have broken; sewn; ripped; reformed hearts of the severed.

these words spewed like weapons of war; fired to maim, not murder.

maim; not murder.
maim; not murder.

for words don't intend to kill, but they can.

brushing victims away; nothing more to say.

sticks and stones.
sticks and stones

carving scars into the minds of those who have been hurt.

irreversible healing.

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