The Weight of a Secret

May 26, 2011
By Randalyn BRONZE, Olds, Other
Randalyn BRONZE, Olds, Other
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To Hell with demons,
there's a different type of monster plaguing my past.
He waits until I'm content and then resurrects my pain,
lurking in the shadows; awaiting a chance to strike again.

This evil being finds me in the darkness; my most vulnerable state,
to take advantage of me instead of facing his own mistakes.
Monster, you think I have not noticed your sins?
Drowning the sorrows of spoiling my innocence.

I wish I had the courage to confront you, but I am much too weak,
and in your presence I dare not speak.
Your eyes reveal a reflection of the hurt I've seen countless times,
so out of pity, I'll conceal the suffering I can see in mine.

Monster, you have scarred my virtue more than I know how to describe,
but if you recall what you stole from me that night...
I hope the thoughts eat at you,
and rob you of your precious sleep - as they often do for me.

I hope your body goes numb,
upon realizing what I have become -
as a result of your guilty pleasures.

I can still feel your touch sometimes,
I kick with violence and desperation.
And I swear I still hear your whispers in the silence
"Go back to sleep."
Monster, I am much too weak.

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