I accelerate

May 26, 2011
By queenjoker BRONZE, Byron, Michigan
queenjoker BRONZE, Byron, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
The light glows in my mind that I will be just fine

Cars when they rev those engines

My heart starts pumping

If there’s a nice car I’m there always beside one

Saving up or racing for a new one

The speed is so fast

I can feel my skin peeling off of my face

My hands with a tight grip on the wheel

Thumbs ready to push that nitrogen oxide

The street being left behind me

Not looking back but only to see

My competitors

In the dust and me right up front

Where I should be

My ride more pimped out

People aw when they see my

Baby come rolling up

Ready to race

The acceleration outstanding

Fly off the starting line

The power

Keeping in the lead

The wheeling better than any ones

Drifting around sharp corners

I can handle off roads streets circuits highways races

Any where

Any time

It makes no difference for me

I can keep up

If you can then try your best

Because I can do it better

I accelerate

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