The end

May 14, 2011
By Anonymous

I look at u and I want to cry I want to get away from everything I want to stop being me,

I want to stop myself from being who I am but I can't,

I know deep down that I really don not want to but I can't take this anymore I can not take life,

this world is killing me, but I will fight, I will fight till my last breath escapes my lips,

I will fight till I know its done till I know I finished,

this world has taken me to the end and back, and still I have stayed and fought against it

but now I'm ready to leave to let all of this go but the task at hand needs finished

I can not leave the burden of myself on another, I can not leave behind the fact of failure for all those I love to live through

I will not leave this life knowing I have put unneeded pain on another

So from now till the end of time I will go through pain with clenched teeth I will endure what I once could not because I can not let anyone suffer

Looking at the in-print I left on this earth I see, As I float on the brink of death, that taking this knife out of me is like taking this knife and digging it deep into the open heart of the ones I love....

So I push the knife deep and let the pain fill me, I live for one more day or until the earth takes me away, My loved ones will not take this knife out of my chest to just sink it in theirs

I must let those who follow behind me and swear to protect me know that I need no protection, The world is better without another person like me roaming around

No one knows what I hold deep within my soul and no one should have to see the scars that are forever carved into my soul...

The author's comments:
This was inpired during one of my darker times. I have gotten past this time but I still read this poem sometimes. One thing I want to include with this is never give up on yourself. Never believe you cause no difference in this world. Everyone is here for a reason, you might not know it right now but it will come eventally. When I wrote this I felt like I had no purpose but it changed shortly after, but if I would have given up I would not have known that. So live strong and do not think the world is better without you, because you are wrong.

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