May 20, 2011
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Computers are fun and easy to use
You can make them do whatever you choose
When you get a computer it can be quite fun
‘Til it freezes up and you can’t get it to run
And as life goes on your computer gets old
And simply won’t do what it is told
So you trade it in for one that’s brand new
You get it to work and then yell, “WOO HOO!”
You’ve got a computer and love it a lot
This one is real fast; your old one was not
The smoke alarm goes off while you’re asleep
Your computer blows up and the damage ain’t cheap
The firemen come and spray their big hose
Your house is half gone so you head into Lowe’s
But the job is too big for one man alone
And you’re not into building, so you get on the phone
The construction crew comes and you tell them what to do
A room for computers and video games too
The guy I charge says, “We’ll do what we can.”
You say, “Thank you sir.” And then shake his hand
They finish the job and you say, “It looks great!”
They finished on time and you’re glad they’re not late
You go to the store to get what you need
And suddenly see a 3D TV
You buy that, a computer, and a PlayStation 3
An Xbox 360 and even a Wii
And later that day you get the bill
Then everything’s black and you lay there still
You wake up to find that you’re on the ground
You look at the bill and you don’t make a sound
One million dollars is what you owe
To a company owned by a man you call Moe
You think to yourself “How much did I buy?”
“They made a mistake! This must be a lie!”
But you know that it’s true, the company’s right
You don’t know what to do and you can’t sleep that night
No matter how hard you try you know that you’ll fail
And most likely you’re gonna end up in jail
But you get an idea and go to the store
You buy lottery tickets, 15 or more
The very next day you find that you won
Then jump up and down until day is done
You pay your taxes and get kinda mad
But you won the lotto so you’re not that sad
You pay off your debt and take a deep breath
You play your Xbox and get red ring of death

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