The one who meant the most.

May 20, 2011
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I awoke in darkness after tragedy struck
But I could feel a presence... and there you were.
You were in the darkness like me.
You spoke to me,
Elated that you were not alone.
Always soft words.
Always kind words.

You wanted to escape the darkness.
You’d been thinking about it for a long time.
I wanted to come to you, but I was afraid of what I could not see.
And yet
You didn’t leave me.
You didn’t abandon me.
To you, I was the one who meant the most.

You started searching
Groping at the empty
Feeling along nothing
Until there I was.
You took my hand and
We began our journey.
Such soft hands.
Such kind hands.

And it was then I realized that I would never be alone again.
I knew I would always have your hand to hold
Your lead to follow.
Together we escaped the darkness
Into the pale light of a new morning.
A wonderful thing I’d never seen
Warmth I’d never know
Love I’d never felt.
To me, you were the one who meant the most.

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