Morning Light

May 20, 2011
By aslanosmith BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
aslanosmith BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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The dew has only just begun to shine on her front lawn.
The sun has yet to peek out over the horizon
But the frosty blue-gray light fills the sky
Just as the morning fog fills the air
The woman watches it all from a pink room,
With pink curtains and a pink chair.
Her tired eyes admire the morning she hasn’t seen
Since she was a little girl.
She has yet to sleep.
Though exhaustion consumes her, she is smiling.
And the soft chirping of a robin,
The nearby stream dancing over
Stones smoothed by time.
The leftover echo of a lullaby many times
Repeated before the hypnotizing
Effect took hold of the sleeping baby
In her arms.
As she looks at the life she created
Pure joy fills her. Pure pride.
In every strand of hair
Every crease of skin
Every cell in her body.
As the sun rises, it smiles down
On the miracle of life.
The baby
Her baby
Who only fell asleep a few moments ago.

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