Life As We Knew It (in memoriam)

May 20, 2011
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There are tests and then there are the BIG tests
You know like the ACTs, SATs, SAT IIs, or the APs
And then on top of that there are papers and essays
And yep you guessed it, more tests
The second this year starts, the year we call junior year,
You have entered your own personal hell and
Life as you knew it is gone

It’s possible there are pluses to this year
Just give me a few weeks and I’ll get back to you on that
Well there are those days that you can relax…for a few seconds
And then you’re back to doing what you were doing before
Those brief moments of leisure engulfed you
You go back to worrying because whether you like it or not,
As everyone keeps telling you,
“This is the most important year before college”
Basically don’t screw up.

One piece of advice from me (which isn’t saying a lot)
Even though this year may not be what you planned,
Don’t regret it, don’t look back on this year and think
“I wish I did better” or think about the what ifs
Make those what ifs, the memories that mean something later
Life as we knew it may be gone but think of it like this,
There’s always senior year to have a life.

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